Tag Team®

TagTeam® is a dual action inoculant tool combining the phosphate-solubilising microorganism Penicillium bilaii with nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria. Together, they can create more fixed nitrogen, and better access to soil and fertiliser phosphate, providing higher yield potential in pulse inoculants. 


Improved fertiliser efficiency, and greater availability of soil and fertiliser phosphate
Enhanced nutrient capability, which supports roots and shoot growth
Greater opportunity for the development of nitrogen-fixing nodules
Increased nitrogen fixation through improved nodule formation

How the technology works

Freeing phosphate

Penicillium bilaiae releases bound mineral forms of soil and fertiliser phosphate, making it more available for the plant to use.


Beneficial rhizobia

Specially selected rhizobia form a beneficial relationship with the plant, creating nodules which help fix atmospheric nitrogen.

More Phosphate. More Nitrogen.
Higher Yields.*

The synergy of the rhizobia bacteria and the soil fungus working together delivers increased phosphate efficiency and more fixed nitrogen. TagTeam's MultiAction performance delivers better results than using a single-action rhizobium inoculant plus more phosphate fertiliser, and is more convenient to use.

Yield increase with TagTeam® vs. single-action inoculants

Source:  Combined data from six small-plot replicated trials in Australia, thee pea, two lupin and one chickpea.

*Compared to single-action rhizobium inoculant

Product Details

TagTeam® is available in a peat formulation and in a ‘down the tube’ granular formulation. Each pulse/legume crop associates with a specific rhizobia species as shown in the table below. Make sure to use the proper species for your crop.

Crop Inoculant TagTeam Formulation available SDS* Labels
Chickpea Mesorhizobium ciceri pre-sterilised Self-sticking peat
Chickpea Mesorhizobium ciceri pre-sterilised Granular
Pea, lentil, faba bean, vetch Rhizobium leguminosarum pre-sterilised Self-sticking peat
Pea, lentil, faba bean, vetch Rhizobium leguminosarum pre-sterilised Granular
Lupin Bradyrhizobium lupini pre-sterilised Self-sticking peat


TagTeam® granular application rates

Row Spacing Application rates Area treated per bag
7 in 17.8 cm 5.6 kg/ha 3.2 ha
8 in 20.3 cm 4.9 kg/ha 3.6 ha
9 in 23.0 cm 4.4 kg/ha 4.0 ha
10 in
25.4 cm 3.9 kg/ha 4.6 ha
11 in 27.9 cm 3.6 kg/ha 5.0 ha
12 in 30.5 cm 3.3 kg/ha 5.4 ha
13 in 33.0 cm 3.0 kg/ha 6.0 ha
14 in 35.6 cm 2.8 kg/ha 6.4 ha
15 in 38.0 cm 2.6 kg/ha 6.9 ha

Note: The bulk density for TagTeam granular averages 0.7 g/cm3 

TagTeam peat application rates

Crop Amount of seed treated per 2.45 Kg bag Approximate water volume**
Chickpea 1,000 kg 3.0-6.0 litres
Lentil 500 kg 3.0-6.0 litres
Lupin 1,000 kg 3.0-6.0 litres
Pea, faba bean, vetch 1,000 kg 3.0-6.0 litres

** Approximate water volume for peat slurry application
Always read and follow label directions

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